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Vehicle Maintenance in Sherman Oaks, CA

Drivers in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, CA have Barkley Tire & Service at their disposal for thorough repairs whenever a problem arises with their vehicles. However, the best way to resolve an automotive issue is to prevent it. With regular vehicle maintenance, your car or truck can run optimally and with less chance of a breakdown or other issue. We keep your engine, transmission, air conditioning, and more in top condition to ensure you drive safely and comfortably.

car engine

Enjoy Worry-Free Driving with Regular Service

Barkley Tire & Service welcomes first-time drivers and devoted repeat clients to our auto shop in Sherman Oaks. We take pride in the quality of work we perform and our extensive experience in automotive repair and maintenance. As a family-run business for two generations, we invite you to join our community of Sherman Oaks drivers. Give us a call today to schedule maintenance for your vehicle and keep cruising California without the worry of sitting on the side of the road.

Diverse Auto Care to Maintain Your Car or Truck

It’s important to remember the little things to drive safely, which is why Barkley Tire & Service keeps a wide variety of vehicle components on our list to maintain. We check and change wiper blades, headlights and taillights, fluid levels, belts and hoses, and your air filter. To ensure your car runs at its best, our technicians perform all the following regular maintenance tasks:

Oil Change Service

During an oil change, we drain the old, dirty oil from your engine and replace it with new, clean oil to lubricate the moving parts and prevent wear and damage. You can choose between natural and synthetic oil, and we will check and change your oil filter.

Transmission Maintenance

Regular service for your transmission helps to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. Our maintenance keeps your transmission functioning at a safe temperature and shifting smoothly between gears.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

You will stay cool under the California sun by servicing your air conditioning system. Our technicians check your compressor, condenser, evaporator, refrigerant, and all the other components to ensure you get constant cool air.

Radiator Service

Make sure your car does not overheat by attending to its regular maintenance needs. Let us inspect your radiator and perform a flush and exchange. We will keep your car running cool with the right level of antifreeze and parts in top condition.

Vehicle Inspection

An inspection may be necessary when one or more of your warning lights are on, your car doesn’t start on the first try, or your car pulls to the left or right while driving. We evaluate the various components of your vehicle to determine any potential problems.

Battery Check and Replacement

Let our trained technicians check your battery to confirm you have a sufficient charge to start and run your vehicle dependably. If your battery has died due to age, weather, or a bad cell, we will replace it.

car getting tune-up

Get a Tune-up at Barkley Tire & Service

Regular maintenance and inspections for your vehicle are an integral part of owning and driving a car or truck. They ensure it runs efficiently and give us a chance to spot any possible changes in the condition of the engine and other parts. Barkley Tire & Service has 25 years of history helping drivers in Los Angeles, CA and the Sherman Oaks keep their cars operating safely. One particular service we recommend you do not neglect is a periodic tune-up. This service allows us to verify the condition of your ignition system and other components, including the spark plugs and filters. When your air filter is clogged, or your battery does not have a sufficient charge to run your vehicle reliably, our talented team of technicians will alert you of that and any additional issues. Once we have identified problem parts that may affect your engine’s performance, we can replace them. Our friendly staff will gladly schedule a tune-up for your vehicle whenever you need it, such as whenever you bring your car or truck in for other maintenance work.

What’s Included in a Tune-Up

The tasks in a tune-up depend on the year of your car. If you have a vehicle that was made before the year 2000, it may still have a carburetor. For these vehicles, we inspect the engine for any possible issues or changes in its condition, as well as replace the spark plugs and carburetor, if necessary. Cars made after 2000 most likely won’t have a carburetor, which changes the checklist during a tune-up. Today’s auto shops like ours will inspect the systems and replace the spark plugs. A tune-up is more of a chance for us to evaluate the condition of your engine’s ignition system and other components to ensure it runs effectively and determine whether you need any repairs to restore its optimal function. Every time you get an oil change on your vehicle, it’s a good idea to let us check it to make sure you’re getting the best performance. Conducting a tune-up regularly is essential for all vehicles, and it may involve any or all of the following:

  • Check and Replace Spark Plugs
  • Check and Replace Serpentine Belts
  • Check All Ignition Parts
  • Check and Replace Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, and Air Filter
  • Check and suggest new tires ( If Needed )
  • Change Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve
  • Adjust Distributor Cap
  • Battery Service


  • Upon showing up we can do these services for FREE!!
  • Brake Inspections
  • Alignment checks
  • OBD Diagnostics/ Check Engine Light Information !

Serving Sherman Oaks Drivers with Expert Maintenance

Barkley Tire & Service is open six days a week to help drivers like you with your automotive repair and maintenance needs. Our team is happy to perform a tune-up on your vehicle as part of your routine car care services. We recommend that you give us a call today to schedule service at our auto shop in Sherman Oaks. If your car has suffered a breakdown and needs repairs, bring it to us to assess the damage and provide timely and dependable work.

Get Expert Auto Care in Sherman Oaks