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Custom Colors for Your Vehicle with Powder Coating

Do you want to refresh the look of your vehicle’s wheels and trim pieces? Barkley Tire & Service offers car, truck, and SUV owners throughout Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, CA a detailed color change with beautiful results. Powder coating is a specialty of our technicians, and we meticulously apply a new color to your vehicle to ensure you get a flawless finish. We use high-quality coating materials in the process to give you a coating that looks better than a factory finish. Choose the color you want for your trim or wheels, and our auto care professionals apply it by hand and inspect the completed project to make sure you are totally satisfied. Powder coating is an excellent way to resolve any scratches or knicks in your wheels or trim and give your car a stylish and eye-catching personal touch. We have a convenient location for our shop in Sherman Oaks, making our auto services easily accessible to drivers throughout the metropolitan area. Visit us to add a custom color to your vehicle that also acts like a coat of armor, protecting your parts against heat, scratches, corrosion, and other wear and tear.


Customize Your Vehicle in Sherman Oaks, CA

Barkley Tire & Service is ready to help you optimize the condition of your car or truck, whether you need new tires, repairs under the hood, or a new color for your wheels and trim pieces. Our powder coating service ensures you get a beautiful finish on your vehicle and a protective coating against heat, weather, and other sources of corrosion. Give us a call today to schedule automotive care with our talented technicians and see why local Sherman Oaks drivers have trusted our family-run auto shop for 25 years.

Colors & Finish Options for Powder Coating Your Car

Powder coating is an alternative method of adding a color to your automotive parts. Unlike traditional wet painting, the process for powder coating involves applying the color coating in a powder form and then heating it, so it melts into a solid shell. The powder coat is made with ground pigment and resin particles that come in virtually every color imaginable. You can also select from a variety of looks for your new color, including gloss, satin, flat, high gloss, clear, metallic, candies, and glitter finishes. When you choose a standard color and finish, you get the fastest turnaround at a lower cost. However, we can also produce a custom look when you want to enhance the look of your vehicle. Our technicians have 150 years of combined experience in automotive services, including customizing the color and finish on your wheels and trim pieces. With our versatile expertise paired with up-to-date, high-quality materials and technology, you will find a custom look that suits your car or truck at an affordable price. A powder coating also offers additional protection from extreme temperatures, dirt, debris, and adverse weather conditions. It’s also resistant to abrasive spills and chemicals like brake fluid.

Get Expert Auto Care in Sherman Oaks