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Stylish Wheels for Sherman Oaks, CA Drivers

Barkley Tire & Service understands the value of investing in new wheels for your car or truck. You may have damaged your current wheels on a curb or rough patch of road, or you might want an upgrade from the factory versions that came with your vehicle. Our friendly staff has helped drivers throughout Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, CA for a quarter-century, and we will help you determine the brand and style of wheel that fits your needs and budget. With 150 years of combined experience, our technicians expertly replace your wheels and ensure you drive away safely and without a scratch on them.

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Treating You Like Family at Our Sherman Oaks Location

As a family-run business for two generations, we treat every customer like family. You can always expect friendly treatment and helpful guidance while you select your new wheels, whether you visit us for the first time, or you have been a customer for years. Give us a call today to schedule automotive care for your vehicle and peruse our outstanding collection of wheels.

Types of Wheels We Have Available

The manufacturing process is a factor in shaping the quality and price of wheels. Cast wheels are produced in a simple process by pouring aluminum into a mold and using gravity and pressure casting to form them. Machined wheels use a process that combines casting, heating, spinning, and pressurization to fill the mold and shape an aluminum wheel. Forged wheels use extreme pressure and high heat to mold a solid piece of aluminum, which produces a strong, dense, and light wheel. We have a variety of wheels available in different styles and prices. To help you select the type of wheel that suits your driving needs, we’ve summarized a few options:

Steel Wheels

These wheels are heavier and help give a vehicle a lower center of gravity. Steel wheels are an excellent choice for drivers who deal with handling their car or truck on rugged terrain, such as off-roading enthusiasts, and harsh road conditions due to weather or wear of the asphalt. However, the added weight of the wheels can negatively affect a vehicle’s other performance capabilities like acceleration.

Alloy Wheels

Drivers may choose these wheels since they’re lighter than other options and improve a car’s performance characteristics. With alloy wheels, you get an increase in steering precision and cornering. Another benefit of lighter wheels is a decrease in road feedback, which gives you better braking response. Alloy wheels complement street vehicles built for performance.

Chrome Wheels

Getting chrome wheels is more of a cosmetic choice when it comes to the available options. The chrome has an aesthetically pleasing finish, which gets applied to both steel and alloy wheels. These wheels have a metallic mirrored shine, and they’re also known for their strength and durability. A drawback to chrome wheels is they require regular cleaning and attention to keep the visual appeal.

Get Expert Auto Care in Sherman Oaks